Strata Management Software System

Helping you communicate with and organize your residents and managers

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Increased Revenue. Reduced Costs.

• Adds new revenue streams; maximizes current revenue potential

• Lowers operational costs

• Reduces strata agents’ workload; enables them to manage more properties

• Eliminate e-mail overload; faster, easier, trackable communications

• Increased data security and privacy protection; adheres to Strata Property Act

Create a single point of communication

• Single point of communication with all stakeholders (residents, council members, resident managers, contractors, engineers—all in one place.

• Instant contact, accountability, and tracking of communications with strata councils, owners, trades

• Easier, faster, and more secure than using Outlook or other email programs

• Auto translation of messages into 35 languages

Dedicated Management Modules

• Each stakeholder has their own customized module (i.e., property management company, strata agent, strata council, caretaker, trades, owners)

• Manages amenities bookings, move ins, meetings

• Consolidation of all documents in one secure online location

• Document ownership retained and protected

Lock down security and privacy issues

• Compliant with BC Strata Act and the BC Condominium Act

• Secure data control; Pentagon-level security—256bit encryption (better than banks)

• Customizable levels of security and permissions for any situation or request

Cerno Property Management Software is a new and revolutionary online management tool uniquely developed for property management companies and property managers, strata councils and related stakeholders.

It is designed to reduce a property managers workload by hours a day and to help them manage the thousands of communication points between all stakeholders.


It provides property managers with secure and easy document management, faster communications, quicker problem resolution, fewer and shorter meetings, more accurate budgets—all while delivering cost savings to all stakeholders.

Web 2.0, HTML5, CSS3 Design

Premier Web and Software Design

Our sites are designed by top tier long time designers, Web 2.0, HTML 5.0, CSS3, whatever technology is current and useful, we've integrated into our system with the help of some of the industries best coders/designers.

Document File Management Servers

Document/File Management for Life

When you change property managers, lose council members, or someone moves away, precious documents are lost. Store and access your bylaws, minutes, contracts, budgets, agms, changes, addendums, notices for the past 20 years, without concern of losing them ever again. Your data is backed up constantly and kept in a highly secure environment.

MS Word-like Processor included

In-depth Communication

Utilizing the best Web 2.0 technology, you can communicate with 1 or more people, even the whole building using a familiar Word-like word processor to communicate. Be as detailed or as simple as you would like, add images, links, tables, attachments, videos, whatever you need to communicate, you can do it securely and quickly, with our 'instant contact' communication system. You'll know when they've read your message, and even how long it took them.

Totally customizable look and feel

Customized for your Building Complex and your Needs

Every aspect of our system is editable, customizable and changeable, from the security system, to the document folders, discussion areas, even the home page is completely flexible. Change a box, change the whole site, all colors, fonts and content is at your fingertips.

256bit encryption and extremely secure

Flexible Security System, 256bit Encryption

Your sensitive data is stored using 256bit encryption, which means while banks, governments and online businesses use only 128bit encryption and have to deal with the ever increasing threat of hackers and online terrorism, you'll know your data is safe. Not to mention we created a flexible permissions based security system that allows for any type of request no matter what your needs are at your complex. Our security system can be tailored to control access to your documents, your online meetings, minutes, requests, even basic communication.

Translate any communication

Translate all of your Communications

Many Strata's and Condo Corporations have off-short owners and investors, and many times, residents, owners, council members, and property managers don't speak the same language. With our system, just select the language you would like to change too, and it translates all of the messages, communications and information live.

Your Place or Home-page on the Internet

Your Home on the Internet

Want to show off your buildings amenities, or showcase that new lobby or suite renovation? Our sites are 100% secure but they do include a public version of your site so that anyone can view it, that will not put you or your residents in danger from lawyers, lookie loos, predators, or even hackers. It will allow realtors and agents to show off and showcase the highlights of your building and you can edit the pages content, add photos to the slideshow, change the look and feel with just the click of a button, its that simple, and its included in the price.

Find your Information, Minutes, Bylaws, Meetings, AGM, Budgets, Contracts right now!

Find your Minutes, Bylaws, Budgets, AGMs, Contracts in Seconds

We've made the information you want, accessible to you and your residents immediately. No fumbling around trying to find your latest minutes, or the newest notice, or maybe you want to review the budget. All of these are easy to spot, easy to search and quick to get results. This is your entire existence as a complex in one place, secure, controlled, and easy to deal with. You'll wonder why you ever lived without it.

Know your Residents/Owners

Keeping in touch with your Complex

Through our detailed and secure registration process, you'll know who your tenants, owners, residents, managers, caretakers, council members are doing in the system. We make sure you have accurate and up to date contact information on them, that they are seeing and receiving your messages, and the system tracks their usage, so you can request reports on activity, statistics, and even on specific legal matters.

EVery Building is Different, Manage your Specific Building

Manage your Building with no effort

Once we create a map of your building in our system, you'll be able to manage almost any aspect of your buildings usage in the system, with almost no effort. Assign a council member or your caretaker to watch move-ins, rental changes or amenities bookings, quickly, easily, all while adhering to the complexes bylaws and rules. You won't need to go through old emails and wonder who has moved in or out, who has used the common room in the past 6 months, or who has created a mess in the lobby, everything about your building is in one place for easy access and easy accountability.

Tweak/Change/Edit Everything

Tweak Everything

Think you'd like to add a new discussion area, or want to change the name of your 'bylaws and minutes' forum? Our system let's you tweak almost every aspect of it. Change the titles, changes the notes, even change the look, and we designed those changes to be as simple as possible. Just click, and make a change. No 400 page manual to go through, no one to consult, you can do it yourself in seconds.

Please, take the time to contact us about your specific needs.

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